The preservation of our natural habitat and our resources for future generations is very important to us. Therefore, we pay attention to the special concerns of the environment throughout our entire process chain and are committed to producing in a way that conserves resources as much as possible and to avoiding or reducing greenhouse emissions.
JUNG Verpackungen GmbH produces exclusively in Germany. Germany has the world's strictest legal requirements with regard to environmental protection and the conservation of resources. For this reason alone, production according to environmentally friendly standards is guaranteed at JUNG. Since the foundation of the company in 1969, JUNG has also started to take measures to minimise the impact on the environment by the company-related activities and products.
This concern led us to a comprehensive environmental protection policy in all areas, both commercial and industrial. Our products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind, with the aim of minimising the ecological footprint. We handle the use of nature, energy and material resources economically, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner and also demand this from our business partners.
Therefore, materials that pose a risk to the environment are excluded at JUNG. Recyclable materials and biodegradable materials are preferably used. The raw material we mainly use, paper, is 100% unmixed and therefore per se environmentally friendly. All the base papers we use are either FSC-certified (SCS-COC-002824, FSC-C100297) or 100% recycled paper (with the Blue Angel). Furthermore, the base papers come exclusively from German or European production in order to minimise transport distances.
We mainly print with bio-alcohol inks, which can be rated as good or better than water-based inks in terms of sustainability or environmental compatibility. All inks and additives used comply with the REACH regulation. Our print shop operates a full-stage exhaust air purification system with a catalytic afterburning system, so that certified, sustainable and environmentally compatible print production is guaranteed. The printing and processing machines used are state-of-the-art and thus have particularly low energy consumption.
The lighting systems are gradually being converted to energy-saving lamps. Compressed air is generated with consumption-optimised compressors. It is a declared company goal to minimise fresh water consumption. Waste disposal is ensured through a detailed disposal system in cooperation with external certified waste management companies. Within the framework of the legal requirements of the German Packaging Ordinance, we participate in the dual system Reclay, certified annually by the declaration of completeness to be deposited with the environmental authority.
For JUNG it is a matter of honour to protect the environment and to reduce the use of plastic and cardboard in packaging to a minimum. The involvement of all employees and the encouragement to work in the most resource-saving way possible is a central management task, which is set down in writing in the comprehensive set of standards "JUNG Standards System".
We observe and take into account the compliance of our business activities with the relevant national and international laws, regulations and standards for the protection of the environment.
The basis of all work processes at JUNG is the extensive "JUNG Standards System", comprising over 540 DIN A4 pages, which is available to all employees in writing and which is constantly trained and updated. In this set of rules, all measures are fixed which are relevant for the compliance with the quality, occupational safety and environmental protection standards.
Furthermore, we have been able to prove the high standard of our measures through successful auditing by many international groups (P&G, Hallmark, L'Oréal and others).
We have been certified to ISO 9001:2015 since February 2019. ISO14001 certification is in preparation, as is energy consumption optimisation in accordance with the specifications of the European standard DIN EN 16247-1.
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JUNG Verpackungen GMBH
Claus Jung, Stephan Jung, Günter Jung

The wrapping and Christmas papers in the JUNG Design collection are produced in a climate-neutral way. To this end, we offset the CO2 emissions generated during production via the NatureOffice organization


For all special productions, we offer our customers the option of offsetting the CO2 emissions of their print projects on an order-by-order basis.

JUNG Verpackungen GmbH was awarded a bronze medal in recognition of its EcoVadis CSR rating. The EcoVadis Sustainability Rating assesses business activities in the areas of environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Through the rating, we disclose our business activities to customers and suppliers. In the long term, the findings and know-how will be used to develop and implement sustainable business practices.


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JUNG produces with green power
From January 1st 2018 we source our electricity from European hydropower plants. Based on the consumption of 2017 we save more than 513.390,000 kg of CO2 emissions.